Picture and illustration!

Picture by Frank Paulin (1956)

Picture by Esther Bubley (1957)

Picture by Matt Weber

Picture by Frank Oscar Larson (1954)

Picture by Unknown :(

A couple of fun test I did recently with pictures :)

2 messages:

  1. I LOVE your work!!!
    And... I'd like to contact you to talk about one pic...
    (I'm illustrator too and tattoo artist. You can see my work here: flickr.com/photos/gusano_asesino/)
    But... I don't see any contact form and i haven't facebook or tumblr. So... i'd appreciate it if you could mail me (ma dot del dot mar at yandex dot ru)
    Thank you!
    (And again: your work is amazing!!!)

  2. Beau! La première est vraiment kick-ass!



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