Quick drawing

Je commence à me tanner de cleaner en se moment et j'avais le goût faire un peu de coloration ! Donc, voici un petit dessin vite fait. Notez bien, ceux qui ont écouté Sex and the city, vous reconnaîtrez peut-être les vêtements :)
Aussi, bonne nouvelle ! Je fais maintenant parti de Girls Drawin' Girls ! Un super groupe regroupant plein de femmes talentueuses ! Allez voir le blog !
Sur ce, je retourne à ma table à dessin !
I'm starting to get bored of cleaning drawings right now and I really wanted to do coloration ! So, here's a quick drawing I made today for fun. Note, for those who watched Sex and the city, you may recognize the clothes :)
Also, good news ! I'm now part of Girls Drawin' Girls ! It's an awesome group of talented female artists ! Take a look at the blog !
And now, back to the drawing table !

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Geneviève is a cheerful illustrator and pin up artist from Montreal, Canada. After studying 2D animation she worked mostly in the comic and the game industry. She is presently working full time at Hibernum Creation (Montreal). She is still working on freelance contracts for comics studios and working on her pin up illustrations.