Tangled Fan art !

Hier, je voulais prendre un petit break de mes travaux d'écoles et, pour raison qui m'échappe, j'avais vraiment le goût de faire un Fan art de Rapounzelle ! J'ai vu le film avant Noël et j'ai bien aimé !
Yesterday, as I wanted to take a break from my school work, I started this Fan art of Rapounzel ! I saw the film before Christmas and really liked it, more than I thought !

3 messages:

  1. hmm... i probably should go to the cinema for the movie when it is on, even if the 3D animation films of disney (not with pixar) are not popular in hong kong all the time...

  2. I wasn't very sure about the film, but, finaly, I enjoyed it a lot !!

  3. oh! i forgot to tell you: i love these illustrations and HAPPY NEW YEAR ^_<



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Geneviève is a cheerful illustrator and pin up artist from Montreal, Canada. After studying 2D animation she worked mostly in the comic and the game industry. She is presently working full time at Hibernum Creation (Montreal). She is still working on freelance contracts for comics studios and working on her pin up illustrations.