Time Warp

Voici mon évolution dans les dernières années. L'exercice était bien plaisant ! Le tout est plutôt vite fait, mais on comprend le principe :)
Here is my evolution of the past years. It was very fun to do ! I did quite quickly though, but I guess you can enjoy this funny sides of my pasts lifes !

5 messages:

  1. You look beautiful and unique in every stage of your life!! :) Beautiful, and great concept! As for me me i think i've been the same as always, maybe is time for a change... well i did get a little fat in the past two years... thats sad.
    Have an amazing week! :)

  2. Your 15 is very similar to mine, baggy pants and an overwhelming amount of accessories lol!
    I want to create one too, great work!

  3. I love looking at these time warps. Awesome.



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